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Some of the best pictures can only be captured on stormy, rainy, cold and/or snowy days. But exposing your camera to these conditions can result in significant damage. That’s why a Storm Jacket camera cover should be an essential part of your equipment.

Storm Jacket Camera Covers are the fastest and easiest way to protect professional cameras and lenses from inclement weather conditions such as snow, sleet, wind, rain, sand, dust, and harmful UV rays. Storm Jacket Camera Covers are available in five sizes, four colors, and two models to suit every SLR.

Storm Jackets offer a hassle-free solution for protecting your camera -- that can be put on or taken off in about 10 seconds -- and stores in its own pocket-sized carrying case.

Compare that kind of convenience to other heavy, bulky, hard to put-on, clumsy camera covers that are just too much hassle to deal with when you simply need something easy to keep the camera dry.

Constructed from high-tech AquaNylon fabric, Storm Jackets won't lose their water repellency and are rugged enough to withstand the rigors of professional use.

Keeping your camera clean and dry when shooting outdoors isn't always the easiest task in the world. Yes, you can check the weather forecast beforehand – and then just stay home – but that’s not an option for the serious photographer.

And for the professional photographer, working in bad weather is just a routine part of doing business.  Some of the most dramatic photo opportunities don’t occur on bright sunny days . . . or under the most ideal conditions for your camera gear.

However, whether you’re a pro or a serious amateur, letting your SLR get wet or dirty just isn't an option. Why would you spend thousands of dollars on a great camera and lenses -- only to have them ruined by rain, sleet, snow, or dust?

 So what’s the answer? 

  • Umbrellas don’t work.

  • Plastic trash bags are slippery, easily torn, hard to fit, and don’t present a professional image.

  • And most commercial camera covers are very expensive, take up too much space in your bag, and require a lot of time and effort to put on and take off.

The best camera cover is the one that actually gets used – and that’s why Storm Jackets from Vortex Media have quickly become one of the most popular camera covers for photographers worldwide.


Storm Jackets are perfect for shooting in rain . . .  drizzle . . .  snow . . .  dusty or dirty environments . . . factories . . .  water sports . . . locker room celebrations . . .  near waterfalls . . .  at the beach . . . or any time your expensive camera gear is at risk. Storm Jacket Camera Covers are the most compact, portable, and economical camera protection that money can buy. 

Storm Jacket Camera Covers are available in four colors . . . five sizes . . . and two models to suit different needs: 

The Standard Model is the most economical choice – with bungee closures at the front  and rear – to ensure a custom fit for any SLR. 

The PRO Model features the same bungee closure at each end  –  but adds a Velcro opening underneath to accommodate a lens-mounted tripod or monopod.

So, don't let a little rain stop you from shooting.  Having a Storm Jacket in your camera bag or stuffed in a pocket is an absolute must for any serious photographer.  You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your gear will be protected -- and that you can keep right on shooting.

Remember, the best rain cover is the one that will actually get used!


"Get a camera cover that will actually get used - because it's fast and easy!"




"I’m pleased with these Storm Jacket camera covers. More complex covers like the Hydrophobia still have a small place if you shoot field sports and don’t need to move around with gear, but in all other scenarios, I think the simple Storm Jackets are a much better bet. These covers have easily earned a spot on my recommended gear list!"
- Read the full review at Shutter Muse

"I had a chance to use my new Storm Jacket while shooting during a thunderstorm the first day I got it and it worked like a charm. It is so simple and easy to use that I had a few doubts as to how it would perform in the rain. I have to say it worked better than any other product or solution I have ever tried, and I have tried several. It is so light that it adds no weight to either my camera or bag. It does take a little getting used to, but only a little. I have had a number of camera bodies and lenses damaged or ruined over the past 30 years or so while shooting in better conditions than those in which I used the Storm Jacket. My gear came through this particular storm without being hit by a single drop of rain - what else can I say?"
- Stu - B&H customer review

"A great item that should be in every photographer's camera bag. Simple design, easy to use, protects your expensive camera from the weather."
- Robert B. - B&H customer review

"I shoot a lot of outdoor sports and this Storm Jacket has come in handy many times. It protects my DSLR gear and allows me to keep shooting even in heavy rain."
- JD - B&H customer review

"I do a lot of sports photography and not all games are called off due to rain. Much more affective than a plastic bag."
G-Rox - B&H customer review

"I've used it several times out shooting as the weather turns towards rain it offers some of the most exciting sky cover. It is a constant companion in my backpack. This is much nicer then a plastic bag."
- Dave - B&H customer review

"This cover provides great protection against the elements, and it's compact enough to tuck into the side pocket of my camera bag. It takes only a few seconds to put on and take off. It's a must-have."
- Larry - B&H customer review

"Works great to keep camera and lens dry for outdoor photography. Easy to use and is well made. It folds up small and has its own pouch so it is easy to carry with you at all times. Everyone that spends time in the outdoors should carry one to protect your expensive camera gear."
- Mac-Fly - B&H customer review

"Purchased this incase of rain at this years Indy MotoGp race. Wouldn't you know it rained Friday. Had the chance and the Storm Jacket worked great."
- VA - B&H customer review

"I bought this to use with my 300mm f/2.8 Sony lens. It fits perfectly. I also own another Storm Jacket for my 70-200mm lens. It works perfectly at keeping dust and rain off the lens. I also use it while I'm on a boat or ship to keep the sea salt off the lens. The large cover also has an opening at the bottom for the tripod and, the same opening makes it easy to reach the controls on the lens and to manual focus."
- Julie Roggow Photography - B&H customer review



"Storm Jacket keeps your gear nice and dry."
- Read the full review

"Storm Jackets are a one-piece camera and lens cover made of a flexible and waterproof nylon fabric. Setting up the Storm Jacket is a quick and easy task. The front cover features an adjustable bungee drawstring, allowing you to cinch the cover to the front of your lens . . ."
- Read the full review at Outdoors Unlimited

"Lets face it, not every day you want to take pictures is going to be sunny and perfect, some of the best photographs occur during or after precipitation. Sure, you can get a plastic bag to cover your camera but that does not look professional . . ."
Read the full review at Markos Photo Blog

"Digital cameras don’t like moisture, although some models are sealed against moisture (to a point). To protect my gear, I use a Storm Jacket that offers full viewing and easy access to camera controls.
- Rick Sammon, professional photographer

"My storm jacket allowed to me to get some great shots at a football game that I would have otherwise missed! Before, I never would have taken a chance on getting my camera wet."
- Nat - B&H customer review

"Love this. I live in the Pacific NW and if I could only shoot when it is dry, well...let's just say it wouldn't be that often. Plus I found that the extra length (when smaller lenses are attached) allows me to easily see the display on the back since it's in the dark. It's convenient to carry and to use. "
- T Brown - Amazon customer review

"Took this product to antarctica to protect my camera during the many days in rained/snowed. Easy to operate without getting in my way."
- Kevin Roe - Amazon customer review

"The storm jacket works great and is worth the money to protect your investment. It fits well and is easy to use, I have a Nikon D60 and am very happy with this product it keeps your camera dry from the elements."
- L. Budde - Amazon customer review

"The Vortex Media Storm Jacket Cover works as designed. It is a functional item that always occupies a place in my camera bag, ready to protect my valuable cameras when the elements get bad. "
- Bill Ashley - Amazon customer review

"Rains almost everyday in alaska and if you want the shots you will want this product. Easy to use, compact for packing in with luggage, I was able to shoot in just about every type of weather we encountered. My camera stayed drier than I did and I have photos that will last a lifetime. I could not find anything I didn't like about this cover. A must have in the camera bag, even for everyday use."
- Blendrlady2 - B&H customer review

"Must Have for Outdoor Photography!!! I'm a Sport Photographer and shoot mainly outdoors. Sports Events are often held even if it's raining. So I need to protect my gear from the weather. This is the simpler yet really working solution."
- Nikolira - B&H customer review

"It helped me to keep dry my D200 with mounted 18-200 lens during my recent trip to New England. Three days of whether were really wet. The cover is just convenient."
- SBP - B&H customer review



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